Resources and Programming

In my time at Columbia, I've developed a few resources & event templates that I hope will be helpful to others who would like to start conversations on: 1) Providing teaching resources for graduate students, and 2) Creating informal mentoring networks.


Lead Teaching Fellowship

As a Lead Teaching Fellow, I served as a liaison between Columbia's Center for Teaching and Learning and my home Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences. In this role I developed two workshops aimed at bringing peer-reviewed pedagogical research and practices to graduate students. You can find the various worksheets and resources used in these teaching workshops below!

Workshop 1. Did they get it? Methods to gauge student understanding

Workshop 2. Active Learning & Small Teaching in Lectures

Programming for the LDEO Gender & Diversity Group

In the spring of 2017, I co-designed and led an event aimed at increasing informal mentoring networks between graduate students, postdocs, and faculty entitled "Speed-Mentoring". Mentees rotated around a room of mentors and were given a bank of questions to ask in order to get informal mentoring relationships started. You can find our event template, a list of sample questions, and an example feedback form, below.

Outline for "Speed-Mentoring" Events